Get your body ready for motherhood, anywhere, anytime. No special equipment or organising a babysitter for the kids needed.

When you join The Fit Mother program, you will gain access to daily pilates workouts, food plans, and mindfulness sessions. You can even join in a live pilates class or sessions with our experts!

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  • Weekly meal plan and recipes
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20 mins

Workout like a mother.

The Fit Mother workouts integrate elements of strength training and cardio with Pilates. Our workouts are fun and motivating, and we aim to keep you smiling while your muscles are burning.

It’s a 20-minute workout that will see you become stronger and fitter, with toned muscles, and a whole lot more energy.

By committing to our movement program and being active each day, our aim is for you to form great habits that you will take with you long after you’ve finished being a Fit Mother.

The Fit Mother workouts are designed by a specialist women’s health physiotherapist, with almost 20 years experience caring for mothers.

Daily Workouts with Chloe.

  • Build strength
  • Tone muscles
  • Increase energy
  • Safe, fun and designed for women

20 minute sessions each day, at home or
on the go - using your phone or tablet.



Come for the workouts, stay for the community, support and knowledge.

  • Daily pilates-based workouts
  • Designed by a women’s physio for mothers
  • 20 minute sessions you can do from home
  • No special equipment needed
  • Safe for all fitness levels
  • Keep track of your progress

Fast, Fresh & Easy Weekly Meal Ideas


Fuel for her.

Eating fresh and nutritious food has never been so important. Women’s bodies are incredible, enduring enormous physical changes throughout the motherhood adventure so it’s important that your body has everything is needs to replenish and renew.

Energy and health are the ultimate focus.

At The Fit Mother, we know it can be hard to think of new and nutritious meals and snacks – so we’ll be providing fast and fresh ideas for you along the way – included in your weekly wellbeing plan.

It's time to
look after you.

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