• Relationships — April 1, 2017
    You are enough

    “You are the best mother your child will ever have. You are their barometer and their compass in this world. And every single child thinks that their mother is absolutely wonderful.” Dr. Libby Weaver

    Our ‘enoughness’ compass starts with beliefs. Beliefs we tell ourselves every day, afternoon, and often in the middle of the night. ‘I’m too fat’, ‘I’m too skinny’, ‘I’m too much of a worrier’, ‘I should be able to do more’, ‘I should be a better wife’ (please insert your own self-limiting belief here).

    These statements are not reality – they’re just the story we’ve made up about ourselves for varying reasons. Our childhood, our partners, our life experiences.

    Motherhood provides us with a deviation from our pathway in life to consider and reflect on the person we are. What do we want to pass down to our children? What beliefs and values do we think are most important for them? Why aren’t they a priority for us?

    Health, positive relationships, self-worth, love, compassion, gratitude. What do we do to ourselves when we neglect our bodies, our relationships, our mental health? We back ourselves into a tricky corner that looks like stress, poor communication, unhappiness – and for many women it can be a challenging and difficult corner to get out of.

    So make a pact with yourself today. Today I am going to take a moment for myself and consider what my beliefs are, and are they serving me? If not, how important it is that I change them? Because I can tell you right now – you are enough. You are a beautiful, unique, complicated expression of your own soul, and you don’t need to doubt yourself.

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