• Lifestyle — September 3, 2017
    Father’s Day

    Well here it is, that one day of the year where we celebrate the Dads! I hope you have enjoyed a morning of reading cute cards and unwrapping funny gifts made with love at child care and kinder. The delight on the faces of the kids as they watch Dad try to work out what the pictures they’ve drawn are, and listening to Dad’s exclaims of delight at the BBQ sauce or the body wash carefully selected from the school Father’s Day stall.

    Of course, today is also the day where us Mums think about our own Dad.  Sadly my Dad passed away 5 years ago, and whilst I think of him often, on Father’s Day I reflect on fun times when I was a kid, a time where Dads were mysterious creatures who kind of did their own thing. Perhaps because he had 2 daughters, Dad was often a little perplexed about what to do with us. I recall fun times going to watch the Hawks play, back when games were at those small suburban ovals, and we were always allowed a Crunchie and a packet of chips. Heaven.

    And although Dad didn’t have much idea about the day to day stuff my sister and I got up to, but he was so proud of us, and made sure we knew it.

    So, to the Dads.

    Those that are here and those that aren’t.

    To the great ones and the ones where the relationships were a bit more complicated ….

    Happy Father’s Day xx

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