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  • Mindful February

    I really love the concept of mindfulness. I love the idea of being in the moment, paying attention to what is going on around you in the current moment, and not thinking too far forward or dwelling on the past.

    I have dabbled with using different guided mindfulness or meditation apps. Many of these I have really enjoyed, but I have struggled to sustain a regular practice, or develop a regular habit. I find that as soon as I get busy or become overwhelmed, I drop my meditation practice. Even though intuitively I know this is exactly when I need it most!

    Towards the end of last year, I even spent about a thousand bucks on a Vedic meditation course (which I absolutely loved) but still after a few weeks I fell of the wagon of regular practice (I again got too busy to practice, oh the irony).

    However, as our busy-ness cranks up (especially as we adjust to our new routines for the year), I decided I really wanted to develop the habit of daily meditation. So instead of Feb-Fast (because I actually love a glass if wine here and there), I am committing to a daily practice for the month of Feb, and already I am blown away by the benefits.

    Benefits of daily meditation practice

    1. I yell at my kids less
    2. I have more energy and feel more calm at the same time
    3. I am more in flow
    4. I am not sweating the small stuff
    5. I am nicer to my husband
    6. I am making better choices about what I eat and how much I drink
    7. I am sleeping better
    8. I am showing my kids how valuable this practice is (and teaching them to use mindfulness techniques – we love the Smiling Mind app)
    9. I am much less anxious / less overwhelmed about how much I have to do.
    10. I am not racing from one thing to the next. In fact, I am making choices that are better for my family, rather than saying yes to everything and compromising what would work best for us.

    So if you, like me, feel like you “should” be practicing more mindfulness, or you are keen to develop a mindfulness or meditation practice but you just haven’t got time 😉 then my advice is to just do it. Keep trying. One day it will make sense, feel right, and when you start noticing the benefits you won’t look back.

    Chloe xx

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