Hello, from the founders of The Fit Mother

You’re here because, to be blunt, you got knocked up and you’re not feeling your most gorgeous or confident self.

If you’re pregnant, you may not too worried about bouncing back after birth – but there is a LOT of mixed messaging about what’s safe, what’s not – and how soon after bubs arrives you should start to focus on yourself.

If you’ve just had a baby, you’re probably a weeny bit sleep-deprived, you don’t have anywhere near enough energy, priorities switch between feeding the baby, finding food and working out how to get more sleep – and you’re wondering how on earth everyone else seems to ‘bounce back’.

Get to the gym – ha! Figure out which exercises are safe and good for you – dream on. Think about what to cook every night – boring!

Here’s the thing though.

More than a third of women report pelvic floor issues, and the way you look after yourself before and after birth may have a long-term impact on your physical and mental health and wellbeing.

Now is the time to nurture, love and respect your amazing body. Look what it’s capable of!

About Chloe

Hey, I’m Chloe.

And I’m here to give it to you straight. As a mother of 3 young boys, a Women’s Health Physio of 20 years, and an experienced Pilates teacher to pregnant and postnatal women, all things health, wellness and motherhood are my thing.

I make a full time living in my business helping women embrace the crazy chaos of motherhood, by looking after themselves, and putting their health and wellbeing first.

I have a Physiotherapy degree and a Masters in Women’s health (Pelvic Floor and Continence) from The University of Melbourne. I am a certified Pilates instructor, and an ambassador for PANDA. Over the past 20 years I have taught, treated and laughed with thousands of women about all things related to motherhood and health.

When I say mothers are my thing, I mean it.


At The Fit Mother we don’t do before and after’s, and we’ll never talk about weight-loss or dieting. That’s not what we’re here for.

We’re all about making it easy for you to find the exercises, the nutritional information and the tools you need – the tools I wish I’d had when I started my journey.

We’re focused on your fitness – inside and out.

Because when you look after yourself, you have the energy, strength and ability to be the mother you want to be.

Want to join us? We’d LOVE to have you in the family.

Chloe x

About Sarah

Hey, I’m Sarah.

I got into this business because, apart from being a woman, mother and lover of all things health and fitness, I was basically sick and tired (and frankly concerned), with the proliferation of online fitness programs that targeted women that were purely about weight loss.

As a woman in the midst of the motherhood journey, with a business, partner, kids – and everything else that goes with the adventure – I know what it’s like to feel confused and overwhelmed about what’s best for me.

I have a degree in Marketing, Business & Communications and I’m here to use all of these skills to make sure our Fit Mothers love every day of our Program.

I’m allergic to before and after shots, ridiculous diets and health fads, and recipes that require a trip to five locations to collect the ingredients. I like my health and wellbeing served straight up, and flexible so that it works for me.

I love tropical holidays, anything that involves a bit of adventure, a glass of red by the fire, The Voice (guilty pleasure), and those couple of times a year I get to sit down and read the paper. Oh, and my kids!

Can’t wait to meet you in the Program.

Sarah x

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